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The construction of the Intermodal Goods Centre of Turin dates from Orbassano-Regional Transport Plan of 1979 (DGR 19.12.19179 No 532/8700). The goal was to reorganize the system of transport of goods by encouraging the combined road-rail and to build a logistic center with an international vocation. To this end, it was identified as the most suitable area adjacent to the freight yard in Orbassano, at the turn of the metropolitan highway system. In reference to 6.3.1980 No LR 11, entitled "Measures for the construction of infrastructure for the treatment of goods and the interchange between transport systems", the Regional Council approved the 'multiannual program and interventions for the development of intermodal freight centers and multi-purpose structures associated with them "(art. 3), providing for the establishment and structure of specific companies, which would have been delegated the design and construction of such centers goods (Article 4). Is constructed with a joint stock company "Company interport Torino SpA" (SITE SpA) which deals with the implementation and management of the logistics platform in Turin.

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